Hartfield Resolution Group

Designing and delivering quality training programs is one of HRG’s core competencies. We pride ourselves on providing “hands on”, intense, skill-building training that often represents a significant intervention and serves as the launching point for improving a relationship.

HRG specializes in designing training programs that are built for the unique needs and circumstances of our customers. If at all possible, we conduct a training needs assessment to find out data including: trainee background and experience, specific problems or concerns that the organization would like to address, previous training courses and why they did or did not work, and any other training concerns that should be factored into a quality program.

HRG focuses on providing joint training to groups in collective bargaining and other business relationships that require an ongoing commitment to working and doing business together. HRG conducts training programs on site and off site. Even after the training program has been completed, NCDS specialists provide continuing advice, assistance, and consultation where requested.

A sampling of some of the most frequently requested training courses include: Arbitration Skills, Interest Based Negotiation, Communication Skills, Creating Labor Management Teams, Preparing for Mediation, Mediation Skills, Conducting Effective Meetings, Negotiating With the Japanese, Conflict Resolution, Negotiating With the Chinese, Facilitation Skills, and Negotiation Skills.