Hartfield Resolution Group

With over 3 decades of experience in addressing workplace issues, the Hartfield Resolution Group believes that our mediator/neutral consultants can play a valuable role in helping parties to diagnose and effectively address the causes of workplace issues. The mediator/neutral consultant leverages the skills that are central to successful dispute resolution. HRG success is based not only on our experience, but on our consistently promising and providing assessment participants complete confidentiality: that their names will not be used or provided in any way that could cause them difficulties, nor will any statements be made which can be attributed to them. This promise consistently results in more open, honest, candid conversations between HRG staff and employees yielding greater insight into the underlying causes of workplace conflict.

In all workplaces, HRG believes we can make a valuable contribution to organizational effectiveness by improving workplace culture and internal relationships. In unionized workforces, unions and employers can best succeed and survive by expanding upon areas of collaboration. Labor and management need to recognize that they have much in common, that they need to understand and appreciate each other’s point of view, and that if they ever had the luxury to be adversarial, the business case for working together is stronger than ever before.

HRG is consulting with workplaces across all industries and sectors, public and private, throughout the United States. HRG involvement focuses on helping the parties to create the structures and processes necessary to improve communication, dispute resolution, job security, organizational competitiveness and market share. Towards that end, HRG provides a full range of joint processes including: Organizational Assessment & Survey, Expedited Dispute Resolution, Labor Management Committee, Interest Based Bargaining, Change Management, Conflict Resolution Intervention, Joint Strategic Planning, and Joint Labor Management Training.

HRG provides a series of diagnostic tools and interventions, training programs, and helps design effective workplace structures and forums. HRG works with labor and management leadership to design and deliver effective organizational assessment tools to accurately diagnose relationship problems. When designed effectively with leadership support from the outset, even the assessment process can help alleviate organizational stress and symptoms.

Following an assessment, regardless of whether or not it involves 1:1 interviews, focus groups, or organization-wide surveys, HRG prepares an impartial assessment report which provides leadership with a summary of the major issues or themes as well as our own recommendations for addressing the issues.