Hartfield Resolution Group

Elections play a critical role in our democracy and the ability to conduct a fair, open, transparent, and accurate election is a necessity, not a luxury. The Hartfield Resolution Group believes that providing impartial election administration services is consistent with our chosen role of third party neutral, as well as a valuable opportunity for us to contribute to our democratic institutions. Request an election quote here.

HRG will provide impartial election services to any group, including: Labor organizations, Homeowner associations, Tenant associations, and Community Groups.

The Hartfield Resolution Group has been providing impartial election services to labor organizations for over 3 decades. In addition to serving as Impartial Referendum Officer for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, we have conducted a wide variety of elections for labor groups: Officer and delegate elections and Ratification of Contract Terms.

Determination of Union Majority Status including: Card checks and Neutrality Agreements and Private elections.

HRG provides a full range of election services to organizations including: Conducting the nominations meeting, Preparing and printing all election materials, Conducting a mail ballot election including: Certifying the printing, stuffing, and mailing of ballots, Managing the duplicate ballot process, Overseeing the Final Count, Certifying the Election Results, Conducting an On Site Election, including: Drafting the Election Ground Rules, Resolving all Election Disputes, Serving as Election Arbitrator, Counting the Ballots, and Certifying the Election Results.