Hartfield Resolution Group

Recognizing that contemporary union-management or other organizational relationships require a more collaborative rather than an adversarial approach to negotiations, HRG provides hands-on training in Interest Based Bargaining. Our Interest Based Approach is a structured, step-by-step problem-solving process that centers on identifying the underlying interests of the parties and then creating solutions that address those interests.

HRG provides joint negotiation training to parties prior to negotiation as well as a combination of facilitation and mediation assistance during the negotiation process to keep the process on track. Our six-step process includes: 1) Pre-negotiation assessment, 2) Joint Training, 3) Joint Coaching, 4) Facilitation, 5) Mediation, and 6) Post-agreement Assistance.

IBB can be used for: 1) formal negotiations, 2) resolution of specific disputes, 3) problem-solving or task forces, 4) planning, or 5) relationship building. IBB is being widely used in union-management relationships, business relationships between both domestic and international companies, and as an internal planning tool.

Our devotion to being a champion for the IBB approach is based on our desire to help all parties protect long-term relationships, reduce tension, improve relationships and agreement outcomes.

HRG has become one of the nation’s leading providers of IBB training and services. We specialize in the use of IBB for contract negotiations, grievance resolution, and problem solving teams. Our training is very hands on, based on real-life simulations and role-plays, featuring HRG’s structured approach to Joint Data Management, Option Rating and Packaging, and providing the participants with a detailed Negotiations Work Plan.