Hartfield Resolution Group

HRG provides a full range of ADR services including mediation, arbitration, and even the hybrid processes such as med-arb and arb-med. HRG maintains both Michigan and National panels of neutrals with expertise in a wide variety of topics including labor and employment, education, health care, energy, manufacturing, construction and engineering. HRG assesses and designs dispute resolution systems and can custom design an ADR process for an organization’s unique needs and circumstances.

By design, the Hartfield Resolution Group emphasizes the use of mediation-based processes of resolving disputes. This reflects our underlying commitment to mediation as a voluntary process of dispute resolution in which the neutral mediator assists the parties in negotiating a mutually acceptable solution.

A mediator does not issue an award or binding decision. The mediator assists parties in the negotiation of a resolution of their differences. The result of a successful mediation is a signed agreement that specifies the terms and conditions for resolving the dispute. Implicit in the philosophy of mediation is the premise that any agreement that a mediator has helped parties to voluntarily reach is infinitely superior to one which is imposed by an outsider. It is consistent with our values that parties that participate in the resolution of their differences have a higher rate of satisfaction accompanied by a higher rate of compliance with those agreements.

For advanced users of ADR, HRG also promotes the use of med-arb, the process in which the neutral first attempts to help the parties resolve disputes by serving as a mediator. The parties have agreed in advance that the neutral will also arbitrate any unresolved issues and that they will be bound by the neutral’s decision. The med-arb process combines the best of both worlds: the satisfaction and flexibility of mediation with the due process protections and closure of arbitration.

Recognizing that some disputes will inevitably require arbitration, HRG provides both traditional and expedited arbitration of a wide variety of disputes. The role of the Arbitrator is to hear and decide, and the outcome of arbitration is a final and binding decision that is generally not reviewable by the courts except on relatively narrow statutory and procedural grounds.

HRG works with organizations to help design effective systems of dispute resolution. The practice of dispute systems design, described elsewhere on our website, involves assessment of the parties’ needs, facilitation of the design, testing and administration of the system, and monitoring of the results to assure that the system is serving the needs that it is designed for.