Hartfield Resolution Group

As we celebrate our third decade of providing dispute resolution services, we recognize that the job of a mediator has undergone a profound transformation. The Hartfield Resolution Group believes that the concept of the Renaissance Neutral is alive and well: mediators need to be prepared to assist parties in whatever role they need: mediation, facilitation, arbitration, facilitation, training, assessment, election officer. We believe that the role of a mediator is not merely to help resolve disputes after they occur, but also to help educate parties on how to work together. The Hartfield Resolution Group staff and panels have been assembled to provide a four star team of neutral consultants with a wide range of both process and subject matter expertise.

The mission of the Hartfield Resolution Group is to design and provide high quality, cost-effective, third party neutral dispute resolution services. HRG believes that effective dispute resolution is one attribute of a more civilized society; therefore, we promote the use of alternative dispute resolution and we work to advance its practice.

We believe that negotiation is the central process in all dispute resolution, and that negotiated agreements reached with the help of a mediator improve relationships.

We believe that most of the negotiation that individuals and organizations engage in is with counterparts with whom they are likely to have a long-term relationship. Therefore, the process of negotiation should reflect that relationship and be more collaborative than adversarial.

We believe that relationships built on a foundation of trust, good communication, shared information, interest-based negotiation and effective dispute resolution contribute to workplace peace and productivity. We believe that people who participate in the resolution of their disputes are more likely to work to comply with those agreements.

We believe that effective case management should be transparent, responsive, and cost effective.

We believe that final and binding arbitration brings closure, due process protections, and a cost effective alternative to litigation and should be used when all other avenues of dispute resolution have been exhausted.

The Hartfield Resolution Group believes that the ethical cornerstones of dispute resolution as reflected in the Code of Ethics for Labor Management Arbitrators and the Code of Ethical Practice for Neutrals adopted by SPIDR and ACR are sacrosanct and are essential to institutionalizing society’s acceptance of alternative dispute resolution. HRG insists that its Panel Members adhere to best practice in their ethical conduct.