Hartfield Resolution Group

Jeff Hartfield is a mediator in the Michigan Offices of the Hartfield Resolution Group (HRG) .  HRG provides mediation, facilitation, arbitration, training, and other third party neutral services, including the design of innovative programs in negotiation, alternative dispute resolution processes, union management collaboration, partnering, and grievance resolution systems.

Jeff facilitates and mediates with parties in health care, the utility industry, labor-management groups, educational institutions and consumer disputes.  Jeff works with labor-management groups in areas such as Partnering and Team Building, providing training and guidance.

Mr. Hartfield also has served as a mediator with several of the top Automakers in the U.S. including: Daimler Chrysler, Lexus, and Toyota.

Mr. Hartfield serves as the Elections Administrator in the Hartfield Resolution Group.  He routinely provides impartial election services  for those public and private sector organizations who have jointly agreed to run elections using a collaborative approach.

Jeff was also responsible for managing the HRG dispute resolution panel and administering the caseload involving the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission

Mr. Hartfield has been involved with contract facilitation, preparing groups for contract negotiations by providing training in Mutual Gains Bargaining.  Jeff has conducted training programs in Interest Based Bargaining, Grievance Resolution, Labor Management Committee, as well as Mediation and Mediator training.